Thursday, April 7, 2011


This is probably our most favorite cake so far!
Almost all of our family members are all about the


I was soo excited to get this order from a classmate.  It was very sweet that a Laker cake was requested because the young lady who ordered it for her boyfriend is soo NOT a Lakers fan!  That's love right there! lol.
This was my first order for a custom cake, so I called on my sis, Donna, who had way more custom cake orders under her belt than I did.  This was by far the funnest cake to assemble!  Everytime we'd put a piece on, we'd have a cheesy smile on our faces and would have to take a step back to admire how well it was coming along!

We had so much fun with this cake that we decided WHEN the Lakers win yet another championship this season, we're going to make a whole table of Laker goodies! :)

Anyway, enough talk, HERE is our favorite cake!

here's another angle...

and another...

just one more angle (i promise!)...



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